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Chico Brenes

Nationality: Nicaraguan
Hometown: Nicaragua / The Bay Area
Stance: Regular
1st Sponsor: World
Sponsors: Chocolate, LRG, DVS Shoes, Autobahn, Remind, Indy, Central Skateboarding Co.
1st Skate Spot: EMBarcadero
Favorite skaters: Tommy Guerrero
Music: Salsa, Old School Hip-Hop
Board Set up: 8.75″ Big Boy Deck, Indy 139 front loose back a bit Tighter, Autobahn CB 51mm
Travel Spot: China, Spain, Anywhere in Latin America
What has skating taught you: Many things but mostly how to deal with people all over the world.
Anything else: Thank you to my Family and all my sponsors, I love you.. Let’s keep it Rollin’



Jp Souza

Nationality: Brazilian
Hometown: Long Beach /
Stance: Goofy
1st Sponsor:
Sponsors: Central Skateboarding Co., New Balance Numeric, Thunder Trucks, Diamond Hardware, Grizzly Griptape, El Señor, Spitfire Wheels, Bones Swiss Bearings
1st Skate Spot:
Favorite skaters:
Board Set up: 8″ Central Deck ,Thunder low, Spitfire
Travel Spot: Spain, Anywhere in Latin America
What has skating taught you:
Anything else:



Danny Hamaguchi

Nationality: Japanese
Hometown: Oahu, Hawaii
Stance: Regular
1st Sponsor: APB Skate Shop
Sponsors: Central Skateboarding Co., APB Skate Shop, Huf Worldwide, T, Diamond Hardware, Grizzly Griptape, Shitty Kids
1st Skate Spot: My Driveway
Favorite skaters: To many to mention
Music: Mozart
Board Set up: 7.8″ Central Deck, Thunder Trucks, 51mm Spitfire Wheels, Bones Swiss Bearings, Diamond Hardware & Grizzly Grip
Travel Spot: Hawaii & Europe
What has skating taught you: Be yourself and never give up.
Anything else: Thank you to my family, friends and sponsors.